Changes & Cancellations

Please feel free to contact All About Caring to change your scheduled appointment times or to discuss revisions to your support.

Schedule Changes

If you would like to change the day or time of a scheduled visit from All About Caring staff, or to cancel a visit, please call our head office during business hours on 1300 135 506 or 02 9687 6577 or email

Our Service Team in the Head Office will also advise you ahead of time of any change to your scheduled support worker, for example if your regular worker is sick or on holiday. They will contact you via phone call, text message, or email depending on your preference. If you wish to be contacted via a different method or for another person to be notified of changes, please let our Service Team or your Assessor know.

Cancellation Policy

Please note a less than 24-hour cancellation fee will apply if you cancel your service with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Support Changes

We understand that your needs and preferences will change over time. If you would like changes made to your Support Plan and the tasks the Support Workers provide you with, please advise our Service Team in the Head Office or your Assessor. Your Assessor will discuss the changes you require with you to ensure that we understand what our staff need to do to support you, and document these in your plan.


Your Assessor will review your Support Plan in consultation with you whenever a potential change is identified or an issue occurs. This may involve an in-person visit to your home (at a day and time agreed upon with you) or may be done via phone or email. If you would like a review of your Support Plan or to discuss any matter relating to the supports provided to you, please contact us via phone or email and our Assessor will discuss how we can best support you.


To ensure we are providing appropriate support and meeting the agreed upon goals, your Assessor will conduct a formal Evaluation of the program of support we are providing to you at regularly scheduled intervals each year. They will ask to meet with you to discuss how we are meeting your goals, to obtain feedback on the support workers and identify any changes to your requirements. This process is part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in support are achieved. If you do not wish to be involved in the Evaluation, please advise your Assessor or the Service Team of this

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Service User Rights:

  • To receive information about your supports and other services being offered by All About Caring in a way you best understand.
  • Receive your supports in an individualised way that meets your specific needs
  • Have your beliefs, cultural and any diverse needs respected
  • Have your emotional and physical needs recognised and assistance to meet these
  • Have access to appropriate support if you or your Carer raise allegations of discrimination, abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • Dignity, privacy and confidentiality
  • Have an Advocate to represent you
  • Be involved in your Assessment, Support Planning, Service Delivery and regular Reviews
  • To end your contract with All About Caring
  • To access your information
  • To raise a complaint and have our concerns dealt with in a timely manner
  • Meet Support Workers prior to service delivery where appropriate, and reject Support Workers
  • Access safe supports delivered by an appropriately trained workforce

Service User Responsibilities:

  • Communicate as required with the All About Caring team so we can ensure we are meeting your needs
  • Tell us when you are not happy with what we are doing
  • Tell us about any known work health and safety issues that may impact our workforce
  • Accept responsibly for your own decisions and behaviour
  • Treat members of the All About Caring Team with respect and dignity
  • Not ask All About Caring staff to break the law
  • Participate in the planning and understanding of your service
  • Comply with the service agreement that we agree on
  • Advise us if there is somebody who is legally authorised to act on your behalf

All About Caring Will Not

  • Participate in any illegal activities
  • Agree to perform tasks that are not detailed on your Support Plan without reviewing your needs first. Tolerate bullying or harassment of any of our staff.

AAC Expects That Service Users Will

  • Be given as much as information as possible to ensure they are making informed choices
  • Agree to sign a Service Agreement and to give consent
  • Give feedback about the services they are receiving
  • Communicate with us regarding anything that will effect of the services being delivered eg Hospital Admission.

All About Caring Expects That Service Users Will Not:

  • Ask Support Workers to undertake any tasks that are not agreed on by All About Caring as per the Support Plan
  • Ask any All About Caring staff member to participate in any unethical behaviour
  • Ask any All About Caring staff to participate in any illegal activity or anything contrary to safe working practices

How to Make a Complaint

All About Caring welcomes your feedback including any dissatisfaction you may have whilst accessing our services.