How to make a Complaint

All About Caring welcomes your feedback including any dissatisfaction you may have whilst accessing our services.

Please report any concerns or complaints immediately to your Assessor or to a Service Team member in our Head Office, via phone or email.    They will discuss your concerns, and advise you of how they can or will address these to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.  All concerns raised are documented in our system to ensure we have handled these appropriately.  

  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a situation or have further concerns, or have a serious issue to raise, you can request to make a formal complaint 
  • Any concerns that cannot be resolved will be escalated to the Support Services Manager who will mediate to resolve the situation with all parties involved in consultation with the management team as appropriate. 
  • The matter will be overseen by a manager, who will document this in a Corrective Action to begin the process to resolve the issue 
  • You will be informed of the process and outcome and will receive both an acknowledgement and finalisation letter 

If you have an issue with another Service Provider or with your Carer you may request All About Caring assist in helping to resolve the issue.

External Complaint

Complaints regarding disability services can also be made directly to the NSW Ombudsman by calling 02 9286 1000 or online via

Complaints regarding aged care services can be made directly to the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner by calling 1800 550 552 or online via