Your Rights & Responsibilities

Service User Rights:

  • To receive clear concise information about the services and other support being offered by AAC.
  • The right to the best possible safe support from the staff and management at AAC.
  • Confidentiality regarding your service (except where it is required by law).
  • The right to refuse support. (No staff member will forcefully instruct a service user to receive any service or support.)
  • The right to cease their contract with All About Caring after the specified time period.
  • The right to receive a fortnightly invoice for their services from AAC.
  • The right to make a complaint, without prejudice, to the management at AAC if the service user is not satisfied with the service given.

Service User Responsibilities:

All staff should encourage service users or their nominee to be aware that they have the following responsibilities.

  • To be well informed and understand the service being offered by AAC.
  • Answer any questions honestly and to the best of their ability.
  • Participate in the planning and understanding of their own service.
  • Comply with the service agreement that is agreed on at the Assessment
  • Comply with the payment conditions agreed on at the first visit. (Unless circumstances change and have been discussed with the Manager of AAC and another payment agreement has been decided on).
  • Respect the staff at AAC.

All About Caring will not:

  • Participate in any illegal activities
  • Agree to perform tasks that are not detailed on your Support Plan without reviewing your needs first.
  • Tolerate bullying or harassment of any of their staff.

AAC expects that Service Users will:

  • Be given as much as information as possible to ensure they are making informed choices
  • Agree to sign a Service Agreement and to give consent
  • Give feedback about the services they are receiving
  • Communicate with AAC regarding anything that will effect of the services being delivered eg Hospital Admission.

AAC expects that Service Users will not:

  • Ask Support Workers to undertake any tasks that are not agreed on by AAC as per the Support Plan
  • Ask any AAC staff member to participate in any unethical behaviour
  • Ask any AAC staff to participate in any illegal activity or anything contrary to safe working practices