Referral & Assessment Process

To enquire about receiving support from All About Caring, simply contact us via phone or email. We will discuss your support needs and funding and answer any questions you may have to assist you in making a decision.

Supports provided by All About Caring are based on a comprehensive Assessment that is undertaken by an Assessor with your involvement and agreement. Once a referral is received, your Assessor will make contact with you as soon as possible to:

  • Make a time to meet with you
  • Discuss any specific Assessment requirements or preferences you may have such as the need for: 
    • An Interpreter or translated documents
    • The presence of other Service Providers
    • An Advocate/Nominee
    • The presence of family or Carer

At the time of the Assessment your Assessor will:

  • Discuss your personal goals and support goals and agree on strategies for how we can best meet these
  • Collect relevant information about you in order to provide appropriate support
  • Provide specific details about your Program such as what services are available and the length and frequency of the service as determined by the funder
  • Discuss any costs involved in the support
  • Discuss selection of Support Workers 
  • Discuss how to change or stop services
  • Discuss and agree on the days, times and duration of support worker visits
  • Develop a Support Plan with your involvement
  • Conduct a Workplace Health and Safety Assessment of your home to ensure it is safe for the Support Workers
  • Advise you of your Rights and Responsibilities and All About Caring’ Rights and Responsibilities
  • Provide information on how to contact All About Caring, and how often a Assessor will visit 
  • Explain the All About Caring Complaints procedure and provide information about access to other Complaints Bodies 
  • Assist you in finding an Advocate if requested 
  • Talk to other Service Providers or the Doctor (at your request) and make referrals for other services if required
  • Ask you or your nominee to give consent to receive the agreed upon support and to be able to share your information with the people involved in your specific program